Dalian Jinhe casting Co., LTD., is a privite foundry enterprises of manufacturing casting and machining . It is National high and new technology enterprise ,and China casting divisions vanguard enterprises.was  Established in Aug 2002, registered capital of RMB65,280,000,lcovers an area of 65,00m2 floor space and 45,000m2 for workshops,employees are 287,located in Zhuanghe in Dalian City, Liaoning Province and adjoin the entrance and exit of Zhuanghe east station of DanDa Highway,good traffic.
It takes resin boned sand and lost foam process,can manufacture machine tool castings,marine castings,and electromechanical castings of grey iron and ductile iron.Annual capicity is more than 20,000 tons,max weight of signle casting is 40 tons,besides supply for local market,80% of them are exported to Japan、 South Korea、Europe and America.

It has 7 lines of 5-20 tons resin sand processing lines,8 sets 3-20 tons electricity furnace,3 sets 5-8 tons cupola,1 set lost foam processing line,has it’s own wooden pattern shop and machining shop with T6920 floor type boring and milling machine,Dynamic beam gantry CNC boring and milling machine for final machining,and more than 30 sets machine tools for rough machining.

Lab area is more than 500 m2,has spectrum and metallographite,NDT equpments forUT,PT,MT ,universal material testing machine series of equipments for inspecting.

Over the years, the company with advanced technology, excellent products, good reputation to make the company size and the growing influence, product markets by expanding domestic to Japan and South Korea and the European and American countries.For many years,Company was awarded the "good faith demonstration enterprise of liaoning province", "heavy credit contract" units in liaoning province by the liaoning province government. Since 2003 ~ 2006 it has passed the quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system certification,during 2011 to 2014 get approval of manufacture by the Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, China, France, Italy and Korea  classification is awarded as "AAA grade credit enterprise”,China green casting demonstration enterprises, China's export machine tool castings base by China foundry association in 2013,"  enterprise of observing contracts and keeping promise in China" by the state administration for industry and commerce "in 2014.